Lifestyle editorial image featuring male model Mitchell Wick wearing Cocksox CX68N Exotica Collection men's underwear trunks in Sea Breeze


Inspired by the vibrant and exotic chic of Tiki fashion, the Cocksox Exotica Collection is a fusion of relaxation and style that transports you to a dreamy tropical oasis.

With bold colours and an eye-catching print, this captivating and luxurious range is a must have in your suitcase on that next escape.

Exotica Collection underwear is your perfect companion for lounging poolside under the palm trees - slip on your own slice of paradise today!

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Lifestyle editorial image featuring Cocksox CX94 Exotica Collection Men's underwear Boxer brief in Palm Leaf


The Exotica Collection is available across seven classic Cocksox underwear cuts, and is made from our signature Supplex/Lycra fabric blend.

Fans of our CX16N Bikini Brief and CX94 Boxer Brief will be pleased to hear that these popular cuts have been restocked - the first colour updates for both styles since 2022.

As ever, this is a collection that perfectly blends a splash of unique colour and style with the functionality, support and comfort that has made Cocksox underwear legendary.

From briefs and trunks through to sexy thongs and slingshots, the Exotica Collection has all your underwear needs covered.

Lifestyle editorial image featuring Cocksox CX76N Exotica Collection men's underwear sports briefs in Tiki print


Key features of the Exotica Collection are the bold tropical colour combinations, and the elegant embossed Tiki gods that adorn the waistbands.

And then there's our unique and exclusive Tiki print - infused with decorative tropical motifs and lush blooms, capturing the essence of a lazy tropical vacation.

So what are you waiting for? Jet off to that Pacific island getaway with the Exotica Collection.

Closeup image of the Cocksox Exotica Collection waistband design and Tiki print

Lifestyle editorial image featuring Cocksox CX76N Exotica Collection men's underwear sports briefs in Sunset

Cocksox Exotica Collection from Cocksox on Vimeo.


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