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For starters, these long johns give you waist-to-ankle support using ultra-soft breathable Supplex-Lycra. Give your pecker the support it needs while enjoying the kind of comfort that your muscles must have for optimal performance.

 The feature that really sets our men’s long johns apart is the contour pouch construction. The contour pouch holds your shaft closer to your body for the ultimate comfort and support during high activity. Keep your mind on your sports performance and not on the comfort of your manhood. It’s the kind of support that you want to wear every day.


More reasons to buy men’s long johns online

 Most people buy men’s long johns primarily to help hold in their body’s heat. Unfortunately, most companies design long johns for warmth and not fit. A poorly designed pair of long johns can leave you pulling, tugging, or in a bind - in other words, it gets your knickers in a knot!

 It isn't just the portion of the long johns holding your manhood that matters. It's the waist to ankle fit and feel that sets our underwear apart. Like all of Cocksox activewear, our long johns also implement the support and comfort you need during high activity, At the same time, they come in great designs that let you express your fashionable or wild side!

Cocksox has been supporting manhood for years with our specially designed activewear. Shop long johns online and get great looks and superior support available for all of your cold-weather activities.