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When you’re getting hot, sweaty, and physical, a pair of supportive sport briefs is essential for keeping your junk secure. Specially designed with your family jewels in mind, our men’s sport briefs are crafted from high-performance Supplex® fabric to keep your goods close to your body without any uncomfortable squashing. If you’re looking for maximum support that is comfortable and fun, Cocksox is the place for you. 


Supportive and sexy

 Who said extra-supportive sport briefs have to be dull and unattractive? Available in gorgeous colors as well as bright patterns, you can choose to make a statement or keep things more traditional in your briefs from our collection. If you’re an active sportsman looking for maximum support during sweat sessions, look no further than Cocksox’s contour size pouch. With well-made sturdy piping and invisible lining, buy sport briefs that give you that extra lift so you can get the job done and still look fresh.


So long sweaty sack

To help you stay fresh and dry, our men’s sport briefs are made from advanced moisture-wicking and fully breathable fabric so you can last longer and push yourself harder without feeling wet in your nether regions. 


More reasons to shop sport briefs from Cocksox

In addition to keeping you dry, our sport briefs are designed to see many a sweaty day. Durable, colorfast, and guaranteed to keep their shape even after many washes, Cocksox’s men’s sport briefs are a long-lasting purchase. 


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Whether you’re a briefs, trunks, boxers, or thong kind of guy, Cocksox men’s underwear is designed specifically for the male anatomy. Order online today to receive your package as soon as possible or keep your eye on our sales page for the latest deals. If you’re ready to enjoy maximum support and ultimate comfort — buy a pair or two of men’s sport briefs today.