Size and Pouch Guide

Our undies are so comfortable because they fit incredibly well. Use our size guide to find your perfect fit. Our range of colours and unique styles are ideally tailored to discerning men who demand high performance underwear.



  • Get your hands on a tape measure in either centimetres or inches and get your gear off.
  • Hold tape measure firmly around your pant waist, just below the hip bone, where the top of your pants sit.
  • Refer to sizing chart above for your closest size.
  • If your waist straddles two sizes, go smaller if you like a snug fit.


 Cocksox Original, Snug and Contour Pouch graphic

The Cocksox ORIGINAL pouch is a bit larger and noticeably more ‘enhancing’ than the Cocksox Snug pouch.

Cocksox SNUG pouch is not quite as ‘enhancing’ but offers you the same amount of support and comfort as the Original. (You’ll find the Snug pouch very similar to wearing regular briefs but more comfortable and sexy).

Cocksox CONTOUR pouch, holds your boys closer than the snug pouch, giving a contour profile. The contour gives the ultimate comfort and support during periods of high activity.

Why so many pouches? Well, each man is individual, and we are always looking at ways to make your experience of Cocksox even better. We also like to offer choice depending on activity. For example, a professional cyclist might wear the snug pouch for exercising, but may chill out in a contour pouch.


  • When your boys want a boost choose ORIGINAL SIZE POUCH.
  • When your boys want to sit tight choose SNUG SIZE POUCH.
  • When your boys need the ultimate support during high activity choose CONTOUR SIZE POUCH.