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The slingshot: men’s underwear that makes you feel sexy

Lots of men love the idea of wearing revealing underwear that makes them feel sexy. The only problem is that most minimal underwear doesn’t offer any support for your mini-me. The men’s slingshot design from Cocksox implements our unique pouch to give you the support that you’ve been missing. Our original pouch enhances and uplifts your missile and gives it a boost.

 Slingshot men’s underwear is made with a plunging waistline and has a flattering, unlined cut. No one can tell you’re wearing it under your suit, everyday getup, or workout clothes at the gym. The men’s slingshot underwear from Cocksox is super comfortable because they fit so well.

 Order men’s slingshot underwear online that suits your style

 Isn’t it time to start giving the little man downstairs the luxurious treatment it deserves? Men’s slingshot underwear isn’t your average revealing underwear. Traditional g-string or thong styles don't hold your manhood in place or even stay in place when you move. You never know where it will be when you get undressed. Our slingshot underwear is different. It not only keeps your manhood in place, but it also enhances it for a more impressive look when you're wearing your pants and when you aren't. 

Your slingshot underwear doesn't lose its shape or color after a few wears either. It will keep its shape after many washings so the comfort and great fit will last for years. It’s the ultimate comfort in sexy underwear for men.

Shop online for slingshot underwear in your favorite colors and patterns. Once you experience the comfort and support from any of our Cocksox underwear, you will never want to wear traditional underwear again.