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The right fit gives you the upper hand, so find the pouch design that best suits your needs

Men's underwear has been through a revolution. Choosing the right pair now goes far beyond the typical boxers, briefs or trunks dilemma. With luxurious moisture-wicking fabrics and anatomically considered designs, high quality men's support underwear keeps your package sitting right no matter where you take them.

Everything squashed hard against the body used to be as good as it got for men and supportive underwear. Today, quality garments feature a pouch designed specifically for the male anatomy, supporting your boys in ultimate comfort. But do you know which specific pouch design is right for you?

Each man is an individual, and you need to find the right fit for your activity. The best men's support underwear will make you more comfortable and confident as you take on the day ahead. At the gym, at the office or out at night, you need to feel comfortable and supported wherever you go.

To help you identify the fit you need, let's take a closer look at three types of pouches for your package. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or take your game to the next level, this guide to the most supportive men's underwear will help you start wearing the right pair.



Icon graphic depicting Cocksox men's underwear with an enhancing Original Pouch design

Gone are the days when enhancing underwear was just for women. Men too now have underwear designs that show off what you have and get you noticed. An enhancing pouch lifts your package away from the body for a flattering profile.

While often featured on sexier designs, the larger pouch also has a practical benefit. With extra room for your boys to breathe, an enhancing pouch will give your day a refreshing lift.

But always stick with a design that provides the lift from the shape of the pouch alone. Rings and slings certainly give a noticeable enhancement, but soon prove painful to wear. In a well designed pouch you'll be well presented and feeling supremely comfortable throughout the day.

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From the Cocksox range: Original Pouch
Featured product: CX01 Underwear Brief
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Icon graphic depicting Cocksox men's underwear with a supportive Snug Pouch design

Look no further if you want the benefits of an enhancing pouch but in a more discrete design. A supportive pouch gives that same cooling freshness by keeping the package away from the body, but the enhancing lift is less pronounced.

The tighter fit keeps you cradled, and is much less noticeable under your pants. This design leaves you feeling fresh right through the day, without causing any unwanted distractions.

The support pouch design strikes a balance between ultimate support and a discrete profile. It's a versatile design that nobody will know you are wearing - until you want them to! 

Catalogue image featuring a Cocksox CX05PRO men's underwear thong with a supportive Snug Pouch

From the Cocksox range: Snug Pouch
Featured product: CX05PRO Underwear Thong
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Icon graphic depicting Cocksox men's underwear with an active Contour Pouch design

When athletic performance matters you need your underwear to stay in the game. An active pouch holds you closer to the body in a contour profile. It's perfect for a hard workout in the gym and fierce battles on the pitch. With your package securely in place there's no need to take your eye off the ball just to keep check on your own!

For the ultimate active underwear remember to choose breathable moisture-wicking fabrics for freshness. You'll also want printed care labels to avoid irritation from scratchy tags. With your underwear game sorted, you can stay focussed on your A-game.

But an active pouch is also a great choice for everyday wear. The contour shape is the most discrete of all, giving an elegant profile and keeping your boys safely cradled. Wherever your day takes you, the active pouch design keeps your package in place while you're on the move.

Catalogue image featuring a Cocksox CX76N men's underwear sports brief with an active Contour Pouch

From the Cocksox range: Contour Pouch
Featured product: CX76N Sports Brief
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Get the right fit

Great underwear does more than just cover up your private parts. The right fit will give you the upper hand, and feels like tailored comfort for your boys. But remember, the right choice is different for every man, so pick the design that best suits your needs.

If you want maximum support and don't mind getting noticed, go with an enhancing pouch. If you want the same support but in a discrete design, a support pouch is a stylish compromise. And if you want a secure fit for active lifestyle or great everyday wear, an active pouch is perfect for you.

Icon graphic featuring three Cocksox men's underwear pouch designs

Being supported in ultimate comfort means you can focus on the task at hand. Everyone will wonder why you are exuding confidence, and only you will know why. And there's no need to compromise on style. You can rest assured that you're looking your best as your men's support underwear keeps your package sitting right.

It's time to take your underwear more seriously. As well as choosing the right style of underwear to suit your day, you now know which pouch design is the best fit for you. You might think you're wearing the best, but until you get the right fit you'll never know.

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