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There's one question that pops up over and over again from Cocksox fans all over the world. Is a brief or a thong the ultimate men's swimwear?

Both are great for showing off your figure and getting noticed at the beach or pool, and they also hold you securely in place in the surf. The right choice will highlight your best assets, and leave you feeling free to enjoy your day in the sun.

Not sure which of the two will suit you best? Let's dive in to some tips to help you choose the perfect pair, and take a closer look at how men's swimwear has evolved over the years.

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Swimwear Goes Full Circle

Men's swimwear is finally catching up with the underwear department, offering guys a greater range of styles than ever before. From high-performance garments that give you a competitive edge through to sexy cuts and enhancing pouches, every man has a swimwear style that suits his needs.

At first glance it may seem that it has taken a long time for skimpy men's swimwear to gain acceptance. But it's worth remembering that before the advent of specifically manufactured swimwear garments, most swimming and bathing was undertaken completely naked. This was still the case up until the early 1900's, although men and women would usually be segregated at public beaches. Stricter regulations on swimwear then came into place as bathing became a genuine social event.

The first large scale production swimwear for men were full body suits consisting of a tank top and square cut trunks that were cut at the elbows and knees. It wasn't until the 1930's that topless bathing for men became normal.

Gradually over the years the swimwear shorts got shorter and shorter, initially as a result of wartime fabric shortages, but also as attitudes changed in society. Men were also increasingly desiring performance from their swimwear, which hastened the introduction of lighter and faster drying fabric. The first men's swimwear brief was introduced in 1960 by the Australian brand Speedo.

For the next 30 years briefs and high cut trunks dominated the men's swimwear market, until a resurgence of longer and looser fitting board shorts in the 90's. More recently, swimwear has once again got skimpier - high cut briefs and even thongs are now widely accepted. Today's board shorts are also cut higher on the thigh, and loose-fitting fabric is no longer seen as fashionable.

The thong design first appeared widely in women's swimwear in the late 1960's, initially as part of a one-piece suit before being featured as part of a two-piece bikini. Somewhat surprisingly, the introduction of the thong to men's swimwear followed closely after. Initially, the men's thong was designed with professional swimmers in mind - the theory being that less fabric produced less drag in the water.

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Why Choose a Brief?

For the majority of men who swim regularly, the brief is still the swimwear of choice. Briefs come in many variations, some are cut high to the waist, others wrap around the top of the thigh. For a leisurely pool swim you can choose a light-fitting style, but for a vigorous swim in the surf choose a brief that comes with a drawstring.

A bikini cut takes the middle ground between a thong and a full brief design. It sits lower at the waist, and is cut higher around the sides. It's skimpy enough to get a great all over tan but with full coverage of your cheeks.

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Why Choose a Thong?

The thong has increasingly become the swimwear cut of choice for ladies, but men have been wearing them for longer than you may think. It's also not uncommon for men to wear a swim thong under board shorts or trunks for additional support.

The principle behind the thong design is simple - less fabric means less chance for discomfort, and keeps your tan lines well out of sight. If you have a flatter shape in the rear, then a thong can also be more flattering than a pair of briefs that may have some excess fabric.

A thong is cut the same way as a bikini style brief at the front, but with a higher arch around the back. It covers just enough to maintain your decency, leaving the rest to tan as you like. 

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Where Can Briefs Or Thongs Be Worn?

Not sure about where you can wear skimpy briefs or a thong? Have a look at what other men and the ladies are wearing at your pool or beach - if they have bikini briefs and thongs then it's ok for you too. For some public areas the rules may be stricter, and local cultural practices should also be carefully considered.

If you're still wondering, brief vs thing, just remember, you will turn heads, so make sure you are comfortable in your surroundings. Styles that show more of your figure might be best kept for a secluded beach rather than the backyard pool party. Be mindful of your own confidence too if others around you are not similarly attired.

If the brief or thong you are deciding between both feature the same pouch at the front, overall you should experience a similar fit and feel. Just remember to always choose pouch swimwear without foam inserts and other enhancement devices. A great swimwear will enhance and support your package from great design alone.

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