Collage of selfies featured in the 2018 Cocksox #Soxtober contest

What an incredible month it has been, thanks to all who took part in #Soxtober 2018! We've been truly overwhelmed by the response to this year's contest - in fact, we have received THREE times the number of entries posted in 2017.

There are 31 Cocksox fans around the world already enjoying their winnings having taken out one of our daily prizes. Honourable mentions go to the likes of greg.banas, nc_thongguy and M4TTYCEE for awesome entries like these.

Selection of selfies featuring Cocksox underwear and swimwear

The quality of entries this year was outstanding, but there could only be one winner. We asked you for creativity, to bring fun, and to be artistic. And one entry in particular ticked all boxes in style.

Selfie featuring a Cocksox CX21 jockstrap and other assorted underwear

marcdelavignex posted this gem right at the end of the contest, when we were all gearing up for Halloween. We loved the caption he posted too - "How dare you? Take my soul, but don't take my Cocksox collection!"

And when we got in touch with marcdelavignex, we found out there was a heart-warming story behind the entry too:-

"The #Soxtober contest is already becoming a tradition I look forward to. The particular appeal of #Soxtober is that Autumn inspires ideas, mostly outdoors when the weather is nice and nature glows in all colours, but also around themes of harvest and Halloween.

This year's edition was very special for me though. At the time of the announcement of the contest I was in a post spine surgery rehabilitation clinic after almost three months of forced, absolute rest. I didn't feel in posting shape at all and wanted to skip the contest. Luckily, I nevertheless tried some pictures, and when I saw the response, my optimism for recovery got an enormous boost!"

It's great to hear that the community of Cocksox fans across social media had such an impact!

We've put together a Pinterest board with a selection of #Soxtober 2018 entries, so make sure you check it out to relive all the fun. Thanks again to all who took part, we look forward to seeing you all again next #Soxtober!

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