Size and Pouch Guide

Cocksox will keep you supported right through the day no matter where you take them. Our wide range of styles are made from luxurious high-performance fabrics and feature anatomically considered pouch designs.

If you are looking to get your very first pairs of Cocksox, or try a new style or fabric in our range, this guide will help you find your perfect fit in our underwear and swimwear collections.



Please note that the recommended measurements for each size in the Cocksox range may differ from other brands.

How to Measure

  • Hold a tape measure firmly around your waist just below the hip bone, where the top of your pants usually sit.
  • Refer to the sizing chart below for your closest size.
  • If your waist measurement is right between two sizes, read on for tips about making the best choice based on the fabric your chosen item is made from.


The majority of our underwear is made from a Supplex/Lycra fabric blend which offers plenty of stretch and elasticity. This means that when you are between or close to the limits of a suggested measurement, you can comfortably wear either size. The smaller size will offer a snug fit, while the larger size will still form to the body with support in all the right places.

However, if the underwear you are looking at is made from Modal, sheer or mesh fabric, while these fabrics do still stretch, they do so in quite a different way. So for these products we suggest you stay with the closest size to your actual measurements, and go up a size if you are between the suggested range. You can see the fabric composition in the detailed description for each product in our online store. 

Swimwear fabric offers much less stretch than any underwear fabric. Therefore, we always suggest going up to the larger size in swimwear if your actual waist measurement puts you right between two sizes. It is common for men whose waist measurements are between sizes to wear one size in our underwear and then wear the next size up in swimwear.


    There are three pouch designs in the Cocksox range, you can see which pouch is featured in the detailed description for each product in our online store. A common misconception is that our pouches are designed with the size of the “package’ in mind. In fact, the design is all about how the package is supported and presented, not based on the size of what goes inside.

     Graphic illustrations and descriptions of Cocksox pouch designs
    • Original Pouch - Lifts the package away from the body for a flattering enhanced profile. The extra room for your boys to breathe will give your day a refreshing lift. See all Original Pouch products.
    • Snug Pouch - All the benefits of the Original Pouch but in a more discrete design. The Snug Pouch gives that same cooling freshness, but the enhancing lift is less pronounced. This style is mainly featured in our swimwear range, giving the support of the Original Pouch without turning too many heads! See all Snug pouch products.
    • Contour Pouch - Holds you closer to the body in a contour profile. Perfect for a hard workout, but great for everyday wear too as the most discrete pouch design in the Cocksox range. See all Contour Pouch products.

    When choosing the pouch for each style, we consider the activities and situations that we envisage that pair being worn being used. For example, with sporty styles we most often design with the Contour Pouch as this is best suited to active scenarios. Our Original Pouch might be seen on some of our sexier styles, as this pouch provides the most enhancement. But where, when and why you wear your Cocksox underwear is all about you, so you can be sure that each of the pouch designs in our range will deliver the comfort, support and freshness you need right through the day.

    Please note that products come with a specific pouch design, and we do not offer the choice of pouch as a selectable option.