Punished by Cocksox - give your workout extra edge

Sweat it out in style

Feel the burn? That's just the start. You want the ultimate gains, you gotta hit the ultimate level; Punished.

The new Cocksox Punished collection is gym ready, featuring high-performance fabric, bold colour combinations and kick-ass attitude. So what are you waiting for? Step up to the ultimate level now; Punished.

Five new colours - Find inspiration with these new tones - introducing Onyx, Crystal Blue, Luscious, Ink Blue and Bohemian.

Choose your style - New colour combinations are available in CX92 Long Johns, CX01BD Briefs, CX14BD Slingshot Thong, CX76 Sports Brief, CX05SP Sports Thong, CX68 Trunk and CX05 Thong.

Editorial lifestyle image of Cocksox CX76 Sports Briefs in Onyx

Cocksox Long Johns Are Back

The CX92 Long Johns feature an all new improved pouch design. Covering from waist to ankles, CX92 is ideal for any activity where body warmth needs to be maintained for optimal muscle performance.

To be the best you can in the gym, you need to feel the best you can. The Punished collection features our high-tech Supplex/Lycra fabric blend. It's soft, breathable, long lasting, wicks moisture and feels great against the body.

Start your warm-ups, get ready to turn heads, the Cocksox Punished collection is here to give your workout extra edge.


Who hasn't been punished during a fitness session? Clint is the personal trainer of Nadiah and Nigel, founders of Cocksox. After their first few sessions Clint was nicknamed "Clint the Punisher" for obvious reasons! He's the inspiration behind the NEW Cocksox collection; Punished.

Clint has a diverse range of fitness torture tools at his disposal, their dark masculine colours and bright highlights inspired the palette for this collection. The Punished range features some of your favourite Cocksox styles that give comfort and support during any punishing workout in the gym or on the dance floor. Get these hot new items before they sell out! Available for a limited time only.


The obvious choice would be to shoot our Punished collection in a gym, but in true Cocksox style we decided to go against the flow. Our photographer Fito suggested a huge abandoned factory, and after taking a look we felt it would be the perfect setting.
The gritty halls contrasting with our crisp garments. Rain streaming through and open roof like sweat and tears!! Dirt and rubble, graffiti crusted walls and rusty old machines looked like there'd been an epic battle, and someone ended up punished!

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