Cocksox is ten! Find out how it all began

Back in 2006 Nadiah Kanawaty saw a need in the men’s underwear and swimwear market for high quality sexy designs with enhancing qualities. Running the idea past her partner (now husband) Nigel Christensen, he immediately thought of the name Cocksox. It was the perfect name for the garment and the attitude they embodied - sexy, provocative and fun!

The very first pair of Cocksox was a CX01 Underwear Brief that was listed on eBay. A decade later the CX01 is still the signature piece in the Cocksox range.

From humble beginnings Cocksox now sell over 50 styles of underwear and swimwear all over the world. They have been seen in international magazines, TV shows, movies and extensively in online media.

No rings, no slings!

Underwear styles range from traditional boxers and briefs through to super-revealing thongs, and everything in between. There’s truly something for every guy, every mood, every day.

All Cocksox have one thing in common: an anatomically designed pouch to lift and support a man’s ‘manhood’. The pouch provides supreme comfort, support and an enhanced profile. Cocksox do for men what the push-up bra does for women!

There are no little surprises inside the Cocksox underwear or swimwear. As we like to say – no rings, no slings! The enhanced profile that comes with wearing Cocksox is purely the result of the unique pouch design and the fabrics they are made from.

Unashamedly brash

To this day Cocksox remains very much a family business. Over the years Nadiah’s siblings Oliver and Hannah have joined as General manager and Sales and Marketing manager respectively.

Being cheeky, original and unashamedly brash has been at the core of the company’s success both in Australia and internationally. It is a trend that is set to continue with our latest special edition release.

Limited edition 10th anniversary underwear

To celebrate our tenth birthday Cocksox has released the Decadence collection - five of our most popular underwear styles featuring a striking print of Cocksox slogans, brands and tags.

Make sure you get your hands on these limited edition undies before they are gone forever!


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