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Mother nature looked down at mankind and thought “what a bunch of miserable bastards” – no smiles, just a look of discomfort and sour looks. She decided to anoint a mere mortal to put a smile on mens faces. After this mortal observed a naked man and observed how his manhood hung in a natural position a light globe moment happened, and so COCKSOX was born.

David, Australia

I just wanted to say thank you very much for making the comfiest underwear on the planet that feels fantastic to wear. Not only that, the Cocksox team back that up with excellent service that is second to none. My wife loves the way I look in them and they are the best underwear to have on while I’m riding my pushbike to and from work every day. My underwear draw will soon have nothing Cocksox in it. You are an awesome team. Can’t thank you enough.

Steve, Australia

Awesome product. All day comfort at work. No pulling or adjusting. Ladies love the pouch look too. Thanks guys. My new go to undies.

Sean, PA, United States


COCKSOX are the most exciting underwear and swimwear on the market, second to none.

Great designs, true sizing, amazing colours and a pleasure to deal with. These guys make not just great products, they are also the sexiest you will ever buy. If they don’t improve your sex life you will at least feel sexy.

David, Australia

Fed up with regular underwear brands, I looked for new ideas and while some brands come close, are not at your level.

Cocksox yield an aesthetically, experientially, and functionally superior result. Cocksox are for being a man in the same sense that an Olympian wears a Fastskin for being a swimmer.

Ryan, Canada

COCKSOX Facebook Page I have been checking out your Facebook page and your Cocksox/CSX website. Finally, I decided now is the time to purchase and see if they fit how they look. As the day on, I hardly tell I was wearing Cocksox underwear. Love the shape, look and feel. Looking forward to order more paris of Cocksox underwear.

Chris, CO, United States

Hot pink swim brief and black tank…top design, guys.

Thanks for producing the best and sexiest gear ever. I’m hooked, hope you sell millions!

Dylan, Montana, United States

I have just received my first pair of cocksox swimwear and LOVE it as does my wife.

I feel like wearing them the whole day.They look and feel great.THANK YOU

Jaco, Australia

I’m a cocksox aholic!

I love my CX01 briefs and wouldn’t wear anything else these days.
I’m itching to buy new briefs just to have some more in my drawer and to feel sexy wearing during the day at the office…

Damian, United States

I’ve been very grateful that someone finally figured out how to fit a man’s underwear.

Thanks for making underwear that actually last. So cool that someone finally got it right all the way around.

Mark, NSW, Australia

Most comfortable I have ever worn, the fabric is incredible.

I was skeptical about the pouch, but it looks great and adds to the comfort factor!

Dustin, Florida, United States

The new website is AMAZING!!!! I love the navigation–and the look is so sleek and clean! Love it!!! I just had to say something.

Preston, USA

Way to go Cocksox!! I love the new colors and designs that you are coming out with.

Personally I’m a thong wearer and love color and patterns. By far Cocksox is the best fit out there.

Chris, USA

Your original pouch was the best idea of the century

Bo Doessing, Denmark

I first apologise for the capricious and somewhat whimsical email, but your product has changed my life from a sporting, confidence and comfort standpoint in such a positive manner!

Cocksox (or what what my fellow Fire Fighter Fighter colleagues call them “PrickSling” they are very jealous), have enabled me to compete comfortably within my chosen sport of Mixed Martial Arts/MMA, & other competitive sporting endeavours without pain or discomfort!

Mark, UK

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