SUPER SEXY and SOOO MUCH FUN to wear. I wear them as everyday undies and feel naughtier/sexier wearing these than I do a g-string. I have these in both blue and black and pray that Cocksox bring out more colours. Do yourself a favour guys and slip into a pair of these nasty little mini-briefs and be prepared to be filled with a mischievous confidence that will have people guessing, until they see why. ;)

Shane, W.A Australia

Very comfortable, High quality. Everything stays in place. Fabric wicks away moisture on the long days. Even If you are not a fan of thongs you must try these, you will thank me later.

Douglas, Michigan United States

Item fits like a glove, does not ride or move out of place. They are great for long days at work. Keep everything where it is supposed to be. High Quality Product, worth every penny. Thanks!!

Douglas, Michigan United States

This brief is amazing in secrecy, and in comfort. It holds everything in place and feels great no matter what you're doing. I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel free without going nude.

Justin, Illinois United States

CX01 Briefs are the only things I now like to wear these days. From the light weight material, to the no-show underwear line and last but not least the comfort factor (which includes the front pouch to the no-dig waist band and other openings). They're worth every part of the cost and recommend everyone give it a try, if you've had doubts they might change shortly after wearing them and feeling the difference!

Damian, Massachusetts United States