Performance underwear from Down Under.

You choose Cocksox® because they’re definitely the sexiest men’s underwear and swimwear on the planet!

Not only sexy, also high tech. Our enhancing underwear is made from technologically advanced SUPPLEX® fabric. It’s very soft, breathable, long lasting, holds it shape well and because it also contains LYCRA®, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. Nice!

Cocksox® swimwear is made from the highest quality LYCRA® with excellent chlorine resistance, UV protection (varies according to garment) and a variety of awesome styles and prints!

Cocksox® underwear range in style from traditional boxers and briefs through to the super-revealing mesh sling shot, and everything in between! There’s truly something for every guy, every mood, every day.

And when you purchase from Cocksox® online your products are shipped immediately (in discrete packaging) and come with a money back guarantee.

That’s why you chose Cocksox®!


What Makes Great Underwear?

Great underwear is underwear that makes YOU feel great. It’s as simple as that. And that means comfort is key.

Here at Cocksox®, your comfort is our number one priority. We invest lot of time into designing the pouch, choosing the best fabrics and ensuring every Cocksox® garment is as awesomely comfortable as we can make it. The pouch is supportive, the high tech fabrics feel great against the body and the shape keeps your boys well presented all day long.

As well as feeling great your underwear has to make you look great too.

Cocksox® underwear has an advantage over other brands in that they keep your boys looking their best even when they’re under your regular pants. No one will know you’re wearing them, you’ll just look better and feel awesome. We’ve actually had customers tell us that when they wore them people asked if they’d had a haircut or lost weight or something. Seriously. Now surely that’s great underwear.