We reckon our underwear is pretty special. Our customers agree. Read what some of them have to say about us.
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Calvin who?

My CSX briefs are the comfiest, most stylish pair of underwear I’ve ever owned.

They’re perfect for all occasions – working out, going out, chilling at home. The fabric is ridiculously comfy; I can even run in them without chafing.

The colours and designs are pretty awesome too.

James, NSW, Australia

Hot pink swim brief and black tank…top design, guys.

Thanks for producing the best and sexiest gear ever. I’m hooked, hope you sell millions!

Dylan, Montana, United States

I bought a pair kind of as a goof, as sexy undies to show off for my woman.

I thought they would be uncomfortable. The second I slipped them on, I was amazed! The best feeling undies I have ever worn!

Great support for ‘the boys’ and a fabulous package appearance. CSX are my new favourite underwear and I plan on buying more. Thanks from a very satisfied customer!!

Bill, Georgia, United States

I love CSX briefs because they’re very manly and sexy at the same time.

I like the simple, classic look of the underwear you make. The best bit is the signature pouch plus that genius Supplex fabric that is so comfortable.

It’s the best fabric I have ever encountered. It holds its shape, and feels great against your skin. Thank you for bringing your brand to the world. I can’t wait to see what you bring out next!

John, NSW, Australia

I’m a loyal CSX customer, and I’ll continue to buy your products.

They’re the most comfortable briefs I’ve ever worn, fit great, are great quality – and the fabric is just fantastic.

Paul, New York, United States

Love these undies. I started out with the original briefs, now my collection includes a huge range of styles and colours.

Used to be a fan of some of the other ‘comfy undies’ brands: but now I’ve fully converted to CSX. Thanks guys.

Nick, QLD, Australia

Most comfortable I have ever worn, the fabric is incredible.

I was skeptical about the pouch, but it looks great and adds to the comfort factor!

Dustin, Florida, United States

So soft and comfortable.

Wearing CSX briefs feels like wearing nothing at all! Great products, haven’t purchased any underwear brands since I made the switch to CSX.

David, NSW, Australia