Performance underwear from Down Under

CSX menswear is the brainchild of Australian designer, Nadiah Kanawaty and her husband, Nigel Christensen.

Ten years ago Nadiah started a brand of swimwear for men and women called Oz Factor. She soon found that the men’s designs were far outselling the women’s, particularly the more revealing styles! So Nadiah started a men’s underwear brand with a very distinctive name, Cocksox®. You read that right, Cocksox®.

Cocksox® underwear feature pouch in the front that give excellent support for the male anatomy that is both enhancing and extremely comfortable to wear. Cocksox® was mainly intended to be sexy underwear for guys, a bit like male lingerie, but then the company started to receive surprising emails. Athletes and other highly active men liked the Cocksox® underwear too!

The combination of the supportive pouch shape, high tech fabric and quality construction made Cocksox® very popular with runners, athletes, footballers, cyclists and men who had highly active jobs, including soldiers on patrol and policeman on the street. Nadiah realized there was a greater need for their supportive underwear designs than they had ever imagined. The only question was what to call them? A name that was related to Cocksox® but that was more sporty than sexy. Introducing CSX Performance underwear and swimwear. It’s time to perform at your peak.


Our Story - A family business with history

CSX Creative Director, Nadiah Kanawaty, comes from a family with a long history of involvement in fashion, apparel and underwear. CSX really is a family business!

Nadiah’s mother, Helen, is a fashion designer. Nadiah’s uncle, David, is a partner in the venture, her brother, Oliver, is General Manager of the company, their sister Hannah is Sales and Marketing Manager and Hannah’s husband Kevin is in charge of Distribution. Talk about keeping it in the family.

And we were surprised to find out only recently that Nadiah’s great grandmother was a lingerie designer in the 19th century! It really seems to be in the blood.